Streaming Audio – Ten Tips On Preparing For Your First Recording

Making your first streaming audio recording does not have to be a difficult or intimidating experience. Today it is easier than ever to make your best streaming microphones. You can, however, eliminate a lot of frustration by preparing properly.

You have a chance, but only a brief one, to grab the attention of your audience. You can capture their interest or lose them completely in the first few seconds following the click of the play button. What your visitors hear may determine whether they remain on your website.

Here are ten tips on preparing to make your first streaming audio recording a good one.

1) Think carefully about your message.

Before you go to your computer or pick up a microphone, think about what you want to say to your visitors. Take your time with this first step because it is crucial to the best possible end result. If you haven’t clearly defined your message in your own mind you can’t expect your listeners to figure it out.

2) Write your message down.

Once you have thought it through, write it down. Have some fun with this. Remember, this is your personal message and you want it to reflect the best aspects of your personality. Whether you tend to be the bubbly, vivacious type or rather on the serious side, your message must be compelling.

When you put your ideas on paper write the way you normally speak. This will help you to sound natural. Write the way you would speak to a friend or colleague.

3) Read your message out loud to yourself.

Do this a number of times until you are comfortable hearing your own voice. If you are new to listening to your recorded voice it will sound strange at first. It’s like that for everyone.

You have almost certainly heard your recorded voice at some time in your life. Didn’t it sound strange the first time you heard it? The more you hear it though, the more you will come to recognize it as your own voice and become comfortable with it.