Depression Self Help Begins With Self

Am I depressed quiz? Depression is not like any other illness or medical condition. If a bone breaks, you know it immediately, there are tests to see how bad it is and the doctors have numerous options for fixing the break.

Depression is nothing like that. Even most clinical diseases have symptoms that are easily used to diagnose the underlying illness. Depression does not appear on an x-ray. Depression does not show up on a thermometer or blood pressure monitor. Depression is very debilitating and can ruin your life and the lives of the ones that you love. The best depression self help remedy is becoming aware of the depression itself.

Depression self help begins with an honest and sometimes painful look backwards. Most cases of depressions did not start yesterday or on any given day for that matter. That is why it is so difficult to recognize depression. The symptoms of withdrawal, poor decision making, loss of appetite and insomnia get worse over time in a slow march that lulls the person into believing these feelings are normal and routine. In actuality, these feelings and emotions are nothing like the characteristics of a normal person. However, the depressed person cannot see the difference because they are too close to the symptoms and unwilling or unable to see a bigger picture.

Even once identified, the depression is very difficult to treat. The root causes may be fairly easy to identify such as a stressful event like divorce, death of a loved one, being laid off or other personal tragedy. More often the root source of the depression is much harder to identify without extensive therapy and introspection.

Regardless of the source, the healing process cannot begin until the patient accepts the possibility that they are depressed. Depression self help involves looking at the recent and long term pattern of the feelings and decisions being made. Looking deeply into the details of the situation will result in an initial feeling that this problem is bigger than you. That is where the self help begins.

The depressed person cannot be asked to cure themselves nor can they even begin to fix a problem that they can not understand. Help begins by realizing that the brain’s intricate balance is not functioning properly and that help is needed to restore what is missing. Depression treatments generally involve therapy and medications that restore missing connections in the brain and allow the depressed person to begin a journey back towards life.